Bay Area Buyers? We've got your back.



You followed the advice of your brother, neighbor, co-worker, or the billboard you saw somewhere along highway 80. "You've got to check out Granite Bay/Roseville/Rocklin/Auburn/Lincoln." You did and now you're in love...and totally confused. Where do you go from here?

It's simple. Call us. We've been there ourselves, as former Bay Area natives that relocated to Placer County. We understand what you'll miss about the Bay Area and what you'll love about our region. We're your resource to help determine if a move from the Bay Area is right for you.

First us. We'll answer all your initial questions and our answers will be refreshingly...honest. We understand an have an affinity for information junkies, so we'll get you whatever data you need to begin your investigation of the area. It's very safe to say that our region has every type of property you can imagine. The pricing will shock you. The lifestyle will amaze you. 

Before you jump into that dream home, let's talk about getting your home sold. We know how to do that too, when the time comes, through our extensive network of the best Bay Area Realtors. We know who the best agents are within your town and will connect you with them when it's time to start prepping your home. Our solution is complete and our process is smooth. Give us a call to see for yourself.